Improve Siemens mobility in Sacramento by forming a union

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What is a union?

A union is when workers join together to make improvements and have a voice on the job. This is done by negotiating a legally binding union contract based on you and your coworkers’ needs that both workers and management have agreed to. You are the union! Not only will you have your rights in writing, your union has your back. If you need assistance, for any reason, your union is there for YOU.

The union difference is real…

According to the Economic Policy Institute, union workers, on average, earn 19% more than their nonunion counterparts. And overall well-being is better in union households than in nonunion ones.

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Why do you need a union?

Job Security

Set Wages, Raises, and Benefits

Equal Treatment


You Have Rights!

Your Rights

We understand that the idea of joining a union can make people nervous. We’re here to assure you have a federally protected right to join a union. People organize their workplaces all the time. According to federal data, 200,000 workers in the private sector became newly represented by a union in 2022 alone. From October 2021 to September 2022, there was 53% increase in the number of union elections.

The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) protects your right to

  • Join a union
  • Talk about a union with your coworkers any time you’re allowed to have non-work-related conversations
  • Freely discuss your pay, benefits, or other conditions of employment with your coworkers
  • Demonstrate your union affiliation or support
  • Vote in a union election

The NLRA also prohibits employers from practices that interfere with your right to organize, including threats to close the plant or disciplining/terminating workers in retaliation for union activity. Read more here.

Organizing at Siemens is the right choice, but it is ultimately your choice. We want you to feel confident in this decision – if you have issues at work, questions about organizing, or feel you’re being retaliated against for your union activity, contact us! We want to help.


Improve Siemens mobility in Sacramento by forming a union

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